The International Workshop on HIV & Aging 2021

Helen Van Run
Event date 23 Sep '21 09:00 - 24 Sep '21 12:20
Event location Virtual Meeting

The mission of this Workshop is to provide a unique and much-needed platform to integrate the disparate fields of geriatrics, internal medicine, HIV biology, pharmacology, psychology, and numerous medical subspecialties in an interactive and focused setting that presents and discusses the latest biological knowledge and strategies that may improve the future of persons aging with HIV.  With the dramatically extended life expectancy of those living with HIV due to effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), this mission becomes more vital with each passing year. 

People receiving ART rarely die from AIDS, but in comparison to similar HIV-negative populations, they may experience an excess of morbidity and mortality including a relatively early onset of aging complications such as neurocognitive decline, osteoporosis and fractures, impaired physical function, frailty, and falls. It is a very high priority to understand the interaction between age and HIV infection that accounts for this clinical picture.  To this end, the Workshop has an intimate size and multidisciplinary program intended promote professional interactions, which have led to many long-lasting and productive collaborations.  The Workshop also prioritizes opportunities for trainees and junior investigators to present their research, network, and learn from experts in the field.


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