IAS 2021 Knowledge Toolkits

IAS 2021 Knowledge Toolkits

These toolkits were developed exclusively for IAS Members to access and best utilize the key research and science presented at IAS 2021 - the 11th Conference on HIV Science. The toolkits consist of a PowerPoint presentation covering different thematic areas and include clear navigation by topic to customize the presentation.

Download the IAS 2021 Knowledge Toolkits instruction guide here.

To access the toolkits from the AIDS 2016 - the 21st International AIDS Conference, from IAS 2017 - the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science, AIDS 2018 - the 22nd International AIDS Conference, IAS 2019 - the 10th Conference on HIV Science and AIDS 2020: Virtual - the 23rd International AIDS Conference visit the knowledge toolkits archive.

Download the toolkits by clicking on the file below: